Instructions for Wholesalers

As a wholesale customer of Greetings you will have access to the discounted rates when you sign in to our website with your email address.  We want to make this as easy as we can so we thought we would help answer from questions for you below and provide some screenshots for you to help you through this process.

Activate your Account

You will be sent an email to 'Activate your account' email when we invite you to join our website.  Just click the Activate your account button like in the below image. 

When you click this, you will be taken to a page on the website to set yourself a password for your account. Please create a password and take a note of it.

Logging in

Once you have logged created your password and logged in to your account you will then be take to a page that looks like this

This page is all of your account details.  You can see your name, email and address and check that this information is correct.  You will also be able to see all past and present orders on this page as well and see if they have been shipped or are still to be fulfilled.

To start shopping from here you just need to click on Home or All Products and this will take you to the range.

Minimum Orders

Our wholesale customers are required to order a minimum of 6 cards for each style.  This error will only show up when you are on the checkout page.  To correct this amount you just need to update the Qty box to 6 and click Update Cate as per the screenshot below. 



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