Greetings is a stationery and greeting card company based in Kew, Melbourne and founded by husband and wife team John and Sandra. 

Their journey began in 2012 when they purchased a Newsagency in Kew. Whilst both learning the business, they had a vision and slowly transformed it from a traditional Newsagency to a dynamic and diverse card and gift store. They constantly trial new products so to ensure they have a true understanding of what works in their market place.

In 2015 Sandra took a trip to visit her daughter who was studying in New York. During her time there she discovered inspirational brands and products. While exploring the city, Sandra came across a greeting card that was designed by Paula Skene. She treasured that card and placed it on her dressing table upon her return.

That card sparked a passion for both John and Sandra to source cards that inspire their customers and provide a vehicle of self expression. They believe that cards enable people to share life's occasions and also promotes the gift of handwriting.
They look forward in partnering with new companies who offer unique products and importantly who inspire you!

Our Charity of Choice

 Please meet Rafiki Mwema, a charity that we are very passionate about. Rafiki Mwema means 'Loyal Friend' (in Swahili) and that is what we are to these young girls and boys.

The impact of sexual abuse and the horrific circumstances around the lack of care and support for our children is heart breaking. In our 'family' we have little girls as young as two years old, up to teenagers who are now fifteen and at school.

There is such stigma attached to a child who has been raped, in a culture that places blame on those who have suffered and ignores the perpetrators of these heinous crimes.

We know that working with the girls is dealing with the outcome and not the initial problem. It is this approach and our connection with some local street boys in Kenya that led us to open our first boys project two years ago.

We now have four houses where we therapeutically support boys who have survived the horrors of living alone on the streets, some from the tender age of five years old. These boys have been beaten, abused and used as sexual playmates for both men and women, often for the price of a cup of tea. They suffer all this without support and we know that without intervention and proper therapeutic care, they could go on to continue this cycle of abuse.

At Rafiki Mwema we work with our boys and educate them to respect themselves and others. We give them the values to become safe brothers, husbands, uncles and fathers.

All our children live as one 'Rafiki family', but in separate houses. They are therapeutically parented and receive regular therapy as individuals and in groups. They are supported to have safe contact with their families. Above all they are loved.

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